Can you believe that Arizona has been cold enough to have snow-covered mountains that are visible from the East Valley? Visitors from out of state, like say Utah or Colorado might be used to similar views of snow-covered mountains in the distance or even snow in their back yards, but it’s certainly not too common here in the Valley of the Sun. Arizona actually has a lot of biodiversity ranging from below sea level all the way up to tundra, with some areas getting snow every winter. However snow is rarely seen on the Superstition Mountains near Mesa, AZ. It’s also not seen very often on the Mazatzal Mountains where Four Peaks is located, or at least not nearly as thick as what is seen lately as pictured.  Four Peaks is visible from many parts of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and the rest of the Valley, but you can get an even better view of while taking the 90 minute narration cruise on the Desert Belle. This is truly a rare opportunity to see the Sonoran Desert with unique views that might not come around again for years.

Photo credit: Barbara M Zorno Photography.